Connect Your Parents

Introducing a new website and Facebook campaign to make it easy for senior retired parents to enjoy and participate in social media and share the photos and videos of their extended families.  Many senior parents find the internet a little difficult to negotiate and do not have much use for all the features of a laptop or desktop pc.

Connect Your Parents was founded to make this easy by supplying pre-installed and fully tested 10″ Android tablet pc’s customised for your retired parents so they can easily connect to Facebook to share their children and grandchildren’s photos, videos and events as well as video chat via the pre-setup Skype account.

Connect Your Parents will setup all accounts so their Android tablet will connect right out of the box to their family and friends.  All Android tablets are imported from an established manufacturer in China and fully tested and installed with selected applications before despatch to your parents.  This allows a very favourable price compared to ipad’s or many other Android devices and are fully guaranteed.

Android tablets are now available for delivery within Ireland and soon also for delivery to the UK and USA.  Connect Your Parents is a website and enterprise of Neil Mount of Galway Print, for more information please visit Connect Your Parents or on Facebook

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